Google promises to make wireless charger accessories available for Nexus 4



Google has vowed to make wireless charging accessories available for its new Nexus smartphones the Nexus 4 “as soon as possible”.

Unfortunately, the search giant is yet to mention when these accessories will be available for the new handset. However, we have recently discovered, via iFixit, that the device supports wireless charging technology. iFixit’s recent Nexus 4 teardown revealed that the handset has the components necessary to make wireless charging work. It supports any wireless charger with a Qi wireless charging standard.

Nokia has launched devices that support Qi wireless chargers. One such device is the Lumia 920. This means that you can use the Lumia 920’s wireless charging mat to charge the Nexus 4, or you can simply wait for Google to make an accessory specifically for the Nexus smartphone available on Google Play.

With wireless charging, you no longer have to worry about plugging your device into a socket to recharge the batteries. All you need is a wireless mat and place the device on the mat to charge the device. The mat, however, will have to be plugged to your wall.

When Nokia launched the Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia 920 sporting wireless charging, it also closed deals with airlines and coffee shops to offers wireless mats to their customers who have the phone. With Google getting into the wireless charging action, expect more establishments to offer wireless charging mats to their customers.

In iFixit’s Nexus 4 teardown, the repair expert revealed that the smartphone also came with a 4G chip. Sadly, it did not come with the special amplifier that would have allowed the device to connect to a 4G network. This means that the feature cannot be activated by a software update. We can only hope that a 4G version will be launched in the future.

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  1. It doesn’t have to be a Qi Charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Fact, if the Receiver isn’t included or built into the back cover, then it can be Any Wireless Inductive Charging Method…….The only thing that makes it a Qi product is what Receiver is Used. Qi Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With with the Internal Hardware Parts.


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