Intel Stops Works on Wireless Charging

Intel stops wireless charging development

According to a report by Forbes, Intel has decided to axe its pursuit for wireless charging development for laptops.

Intel stops wireless charging development

They are currently moving their focus away from less profitable endeavors to set their eyes on what is currently moving up such as smart devices and the cloud. This is due to the continuing decline in PC sales. Starting 2011, the sales of PCs have been steadily falling throughout the years. It was even reported that PC sales were lower than how much it was back in 2011. To gain momentum, Intel is currently scouring for the next big thing in tech to make profits from.

Just last week, four Intel executives tied to AirFuel Alliance, a competitor to WPC which is heading Qi wireless charging, have resigned from their positions from the alliance. This was due to the realignment of Intel’s strategic priorities.

Although last April, approximately 12,000 employees have been laid off to start off with the realignment of the company. Stopping wireless charging development is only a continuation of the process.

Intel will still help validate the wireless charging efforts of all the other laptop manufacturers. They’ll also be helping out WiTriCity, a tech startup that Intel has backed up since they saw the potential this company could have.

With all this being said, Intel is not shunning away wireless charging technology but has simply decided to observe how it will grow. The company will not be participating in the push for wireless charging but will support those who are.

Wireless charging is still very limited regarding as to what it can do, but we believe manufacturers already know that. Once wireless charging can really become purely wireless, then it will most likely replace the currently wired charging we have all grown accustomed to.


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