iPhone 7 Plus presented to have wireless charging

iPhone 7 leak

The iPhone 7 Plus has been gaining a whole lot of rumours lately. Some come from credible sources while others are just from the longing of iPhone fans.

iPhone 7 plus leak

Enthusiastically, this rumour is from a presentation by Foxconn, the manufacturing partner of Apple from China. The photo was posted in a Chinese tech site named MyDrivers.com and was also reposted by The Malignant on Twitter. The Malignant is known for posting leaks that usually come true, giving this rumour more merit.

The photo shows an iPhone 7 Plus showing off a 12-megapixel dual camera. It is also mentioned to have wireless charging support along with an IP68 rating making it water and dust resistant.

It also shows a lack of a 3.5mm microphone jack. If it follows the rumour mill, the Lightning port should be replacing it. This gives the iPhone 7 only 1 port for everyone else to use.


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