iPhone 7 Rumored to Have Wireless Charging

iPhone 7 wireless charging

As how all rumors go, take this with a grain of salt. According to Fast Company, they got some leaked information about the next iPhone 7 from a source connected to Apple. Yes, we know, it sounds incredibly sketchy but we’ll take the bait.

iPhone 7 wireless charging

They said that wireless charging will be added to the upcoming iPhone 7. It wasn’t mentioned which wireless charging standard they’re talking about but we’ll assume that it’s the Qi standard. If they’re really planning on going through with this, their implementation might be similar to the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch can be charged with a magnetic charging dock, which uses Qi, but can only be charged with that wireless charger. This means that the wireless charging dock will only work with the Apple Watch and vice-versa. This seems like how Apple would push through with wireless charging to keep their products exclusive.

Along with the rumored wireless charging, it’s also said that the 3.5mm audio plug will also be removed. The lightning port should be replacing it to make the already simple iPhone, even simpler. This follows the trend of USB Type-C being able to do a lot of what the other ports are supposed to such as HDMI.

Again, these are all still rumors, but could be real in the coming months as the iPhone 7 goes through production.


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