iPhone 8 design leak points at possible wireless charging

iPhone 8 design leak

Rumors regarding the coming iPhone 8 have been popping up lately after a picture of an overview of the back panel has been leaked. It seems like the source of the iPhone 8 design leak is from the Chinese social network QQ, hence the multiple watermarks. Basing from what we can see, we can already figure out and guess a few features.

iPhone 8 design leak

iPhone 8 Design Leak

The iPhone 8 design leak hints at a dual-camera design with the mic right below. There is the space for the apple logo near the center, but what’s below it gets the spotlight. We aren’t sure what it exactly is, but there are a few guesses as what it could be. One is a possible space for a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. With the size and position of the hole, this will be our bet for what it is.

Some are also saying that they see a space for the Qi wireless charging coil. As much as we’d love to assure this statement, we are just as unsure as everybody else. We are hoping that Qi wireless charging will be implemented in the iPhone 8, and we’ll only find out once it’s been released.


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