iPhone 8 Wireless Charging May Come Soon

iPhone 8 wireless charging

A lot of iPhone 8 rumours have been popping up on the internet even before the iPhone 7 came out. Now that the iPhone 8 is nearing its launch quite a few leaks have been surfacing. Even iPhone 8 wireless charging is starting to seem very plausible.

iPhone 8 wireless charging

Wireless charging has been thought to be the reason for Apple to move from forged steel to an all-glass back. Apple is also noticed to be going away from using wires and ports. Just like with the Apple Airpods which can only be connected through Bluetooth. We could then imagine Apple eventually removing the lightning port all together in exchange for an all wireless setting.

Without having any ports on the phone, water-proofing will be much easier and more reliable. The phone will be neater and we won’t have to carry various cords around. Although iPhone 8 wireless charging is yet to be announced, we are excited with what’s to come. Hopefully, Apple will be going towards Qi to make it compatible with various chargers. Apple will most likely not go that route since they prefer having only their products working with one another. But they may still use Qi wireless charging similar to how they did it with the Apple Watch.


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