iPhone XS and XS Max Not Charging


The new iPhone lineup has just recently been available and people are already having problems with the device. Although smartphone problems aren’t new, this problem could be the worst one Apple has to deal with yet. There have been reports that some people with the iPhone XS and XS Max noticed that their brand new smartphones weren’t charging! What’s the point of having a great phone if it continually has charging problems?

iPhone XS and XS Max Charging Issue

It’s been mentioned in a number of Apple forums that their iPhone XS and XS Max aren’t charging when you plug it in while the phone is sleeping or on idle. Unbox Therapy has tested this out on a number of XS and XS Max phones that they could get their hands on and shows that a majority of the phones has this problem.

It was also mentioned in the video that wireless charging worked just as it should. The problem only happened when the device is plugged in while on sleep mode. The general way to get the device to start charging is by tapping the screen to wake it up. Although, it wasn’t a sure way to start charging. There were also some devices with problems waking up when it’s plugged in, and there’s one where it won’t charge even if it was woken up.

The problem has been talked about all over the internet and the only one that isn’t is Apple themselves. The cause isn’t known yet, but there’s a good chance that it could be just a software problem. Despite the cause of the problem, it’s almost unbelievable for a mistake this huge to get through Apple. Hopefully, Apple finds a solution to this charging problem. For now, the only sure way of getting a charge through your iPhone XS and XS Max without having you worry is wireless charging.


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