JPMorgan says next iPhone will have wireless charging support

JPMorgan Broadcom iPhone wireless charging

During JPMorgan’s note last Tuesday, they mentioned that Broadcom will have a wireless charging chip which will also be in the upcoming iPhone. Although, there were no specifics mentioned.

JPMorgan Broadcom iPhone wireless charging

JPMorgan says there’ll be wireless charging for upcoming iPhone

We still don’t know if wireless charging will be in every iPhone model. We don’t even know if it will follow the Qi wireless charging standard or PMA, it could even be both. Although, with Apple recently joining the Wireless Power Consortium, we can say that the company is looking at integrating Qi wireless charging into their devices.

Apple has been doing a bit of a catch up with Samsung in the past couple of years, and if they’ll be following them by battling in the same wireless charging ground. We can guess that they’ll also be offering both Qi and PMA wireless charging standards. With all this speculation and rumors from various sources including JPMorgan, we’ll only find out the truth once the new iPhones come out.


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