Knomo LiveFree Backpack is the tech guy’s on-the-go bag

Knomo Livefree

The Knomo LiveFree backpack has everything you need to keep all your belongings safe and organized. It also has amazing tech in it such as wireless charging and location tracking to make it even more useful.

Knomo Livefree Backpack

Knomo LiveFree Backpack

Knomo has been making accessories for 12 years now. They have brought their new creation to Kickstarter and it’s been gaining lots of praise. They have already surpassed their goal with a week more to spare. So what do their backers find so amazing with this bag that makes it worth buying?

Firstly, the backpack comes with a pocket made for Qi-enabled smartphones to be charged. Simply drop your phone in and your phone will be charging while you continue on your journey. Sadly, they have mentioned that ‘Plus’ size devices such as the iPhone 7 Plus won’t fit the pocket. Although, it is confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will fit snugly.

Knomo has also partnered with Chipolo to have a Bluetooth tracker in the LiveFree backpack. You can simply install their app on your phone, and if ever you misplace your backpack. You can either make the bag make a loud sound, or you can search its exact spot on the in-app map.

To see the other useful features the Knomo LiveFree backpack offers, check out their Kickstarter page and send them a pledge if you want your own at a discounted price!



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