Kube Systems brings wireless charging to NY hotel

Kube Clock

Hotels have been upgrading their customer services to compete with the other hotels around. We’ve covered HGU Hotel which is implementing the FLI Charge wireless charging system. The Distrikt Hotel, which is also located in New York, has also implemented a wireless charging system of their own with the Kube Clock.

Kube Clock

The Kube Clock is a bedside digital clock which can charge six devices at the same time. It is fitted with a bunch of connectors covering almost all devices you could think of. This clock has a Qi wireless charging pad, 2 USB ports, a micro-USB connector, a lightning connector, and an ageing 30-pin Apple connector. The 3 connectors are also replaceable if ever it becomes damaged.

It’s also a capable Bluetooth speaker with all the buttons for the device at the top beside the Qi wireless charger. All of this is encased in a sleek, cube-shaped device, hence the name.

The Distrikt Hotel has placed this Kube Clock in all 155 guestrooms it has. They are very happy with what it can do and the feedback they are getting from their customers. If you’re interested, you may get your own Kube Clock for $179 or $149 without Qi wireless charging.


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