Levitating Moon Light with Wireless Charging Available in Kickstarter

Levitating Moon Light by Coocepts

Coocepts, a company that boasts of their obsession for the beauty of the moon, has made one of the most beautiful night lights. The levitating moon light is a small replica of the moon that floats in mid-air.

Levitating Moon Light by Coocepts

Levitating Moon Light by Coocepts

The Levitating Moon Light is made up of over 1000 layers through 3D printing. Making one design can take over a whole day to finish. The moon night light is available in two sizes. One that’s 20cm in diameter and another in 15cm. The base will be made out of walnut wood giving it a modern design.

The light can be changed from cold white up to warm yellow to suit your needs. Inside the moon night light is a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery which gives it up to 100 hours working time. With such a long working time, it also comes with a long 24 hour charging time. Although, this shouldn’t turn you off. When the moon night light is levitating on the base, it will be charging wireless. This makes the charging process seamless and unnoticeable. It’s as if you’re not even charging the device at all.

If you want to get your own levitating moon light, at just HK$999 or approximately US$130. Check out their Kickstarter page for more info!


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