LG G6 will only have wireless charging for US


LG has made a decision, based on their survey, to give only the US version of the LG G6 Qi wireless charging. Although this is great for the US customers, consumers outside that want Qi wireless charging are left out. But according to the South Korean company, this is the best choice to cater to the wants of most. So what do the other countries get in exchange for wireless charging?


US LG G6 vs Asian LG G6

With the lack of Qi wireless charging for the Asian counterpart, LG will instead be giving Hi-Fi DAC for high-quality audio. This is a quad audio amp in the smartphone which outputs beautiful sound. Most smartphones skimp on this feature and LG decided to make it a selling point. Well, for their Asian consumers.

Other than Qi wireless charging and Hi-Fi DAC audio, onboard storage will also differ depending on where you buy the phone. An LG G6 from Asia will have 64GB of storage while the US version will have to live with only 32GB.

If you want all the great features the LG G6 offers in one device, you might get disappointed. It isn’t sure whether there will be such a device or not. And if there is one, it will be very difficult to get a hold of it.

LG made this decision because of a survey they conducted which shows the preferences of each region. In the US, people preferred to have smartphones with Qi wireless charging built-in. While the people of South Korea placed more importance on the sound quality of their device.

Sadly, it wasn’t mentioned if storage space was part of the survey. And I believe everyone will always want to have more storage available on their smartphones. This might be a decision made to cut the cost of the device. Nonetheless, it’s a very risky move by LG but we’ll see how well it plays in the coming months.

Do you think LG made the right decision to make different variations of their LG G6?


  1. I for one would love to have a modern top spec phone with wireless charging, my Google Nexus 5 is beginning to get a little long in the tooth. But I’m in the UK but apparently I don’t actually want it!

  2. Wireless charging is pretty much a must-have for me – after I got the wireless charging flip cover for my Note 4 I really do not want to have to go back to plugging in. LG have removed themselves from the shortlist of suppliers of my Note 4’s replacement, which is rather disappointing. Of the major brands it seems only Samsung wants to sell us Europeans wireless charging enabled phones.

  3. For those interested in history, “Korea” was colonised [ie enslaved] by The Chinese for 700 odd years and The Chinese consider The Koreans “barbaric” due to their penchant for urinating in Da Street after a heavy bout of alcoholic intoxication.

    Perhaps said intoxication is the reason why LG’s barbaric attempt at chasing “Samsung” [“3-stars”] via denying The EU “Fast Wireless Charging” and “Hi-Fi DAC” – you see, beecuz Dem Europeans are a stoopid bunch who will salivate the G6 for equating its High Price with Quality. No wonder The G6 will be another EU Flop – pleeze gud !

  4. … and the UK has to make do without wireless charging, without DAC and with only 32 GB. I’m fuming, this POS is supposed to be an upgrade from my G4. I don’t recall a survey that asked if UK users wanted to be ripped off. Actually, I don’t recall any survey at all despite the G6 being my 4th LG. Wonder who they asked?


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