LG Currently Working on New Wireless Charging Standard


LG might be duking it out in the wireless charging arena in the near future. According to Business Korea, LG had just finished developing a phone with what they call as magnetic resonance wireless charging. This may rattle the current wireless charging standards such as Qi and PMA, but it’s interesting where this could lead.


It’s been said that LG’s new wireless charging standard has a reach distance of 7cm between the transmitter and receiver. Although this isn’t a huge difference compared to the current wireless charging standard, it is going in the right direction.

Currently, we still have devices which need to be touching or be extremely near to the wireless charging pad for it to charge. The latest Qi version currently supports fast wireless charging, which is what the Samsung Galaxy S7 has, that can transmitter up to 15W of power to the receiver. We are hoping that this technology will grow big enough to fully replace our dependence on wires.


  1. If my qi wireless light is blinking but the phone battery isn’t showing that it’s charging is the wireless working ? And was the wireless suppose to come with its own charger?

    • It usually depends on each phone, but generally, your phone should also show that it’s charging. Usually, phones don’t come with a wireless charger, but any Qi-enabled phone will work with any Qi wireless charger.


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