LG Nexus 4 Wireless Chargers Available Today


By Josh Smith

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The LG Nexus 4 supports wireless charging with built-in Qi wireless charging , and while Google is not yet selling the official Nexus 4 wireless charging orb, users can buy a compatible wireless charger without waiting for Google.

The LG Nexus 4, as well as the Droid DNAand Lumia 920, all use Qi wireless charging, an industry standard that allows for a choice of wireless charging accessories. Qi wireless charging holds the phone in place with magnets, allowing for charging without a cord connected to the Nexus 4.

With the release of multiple Qi enabled smartphones, we should see more accessories come to market this holiday season, and it could be the push wireless charging needs to take off.

For users that can’t wait for the official Nexus 4 wireless charger, the following chargers will wirelessly charge the Nexus 4. We’ve yet to find a wireless charger for the car, but we’ll keep looking.

Energizer Qi Wireless Chargers

The Energizer Qi wireless chargers offer a Qi charging solution for the home or office in two varieties. The Energize Qi enabled three position charger can charge two Qi enabled devices wirelessly and one via USB, and the Energizer Single position charger can charge one device wirelessly.


LG Wireless Charger

This is an LG Nexus 4 wireless charger made by LG.

The LG WCP-700 is a Qi compatible wireless charger that will charge the LG Nexus 4 without wires, this charger is available from Amazon. The LG wireless charger debuted on Verizon, but it is not listed for sale on Verizon Wireless.

This Qi enabled charger includes an audible alert that charging has started and LED lights to indicate the level of charge.



Nokia Wireless Charger Qi Enabled


The Nokia wireless charger should charge the LG Nexus 4.


Verizon offers the Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate for $49.99 in white and black, and while it is designed with the Nokia in mind, it is a Qi enabled wireless charger so it should work with the LG Nexus 4.

The Nokia DT-900 is not widely available, but Verizon is selling it and we expect other stores will soon offer this wireless charger.

Find the Nokia DT-900 at Verizon for $49.99. Amazon should start selling the Nokia DT-900 soon.

Nokia JBL Power Up Speaker

For users looking to wirelessly charge the Nexus 4 and listen to music, the Nokia JBL Power Up Speaker is a good, but pricey option. The LG Nexus 4 may not be able to pair with the Nokia JBL Power Up Speaker by NFC, but music streams over Bluetooth so it should set up like a standard phone.

Verizon and AT&T offer the Nokia JBL Power Up Speaker for $299 in black, and AT&T also offers it in cyan.

Bedside Clock and Wireless Charge


The Oregon Scientific bedside alarm and wireless charger is Qi enabled.

The Oregon Scientific QW201 is a wireless charging station for Qi enabled smartphones like the Nexus 4 that doubles as a radio controlled atomic alarm clock. The wireless charger is perfect for a bedside table or nightstand, allowing users to charge the phone, set alarms on a dedicated device and see the temperature inside and outside the house. The charger includes one sensor to place outdoors.

The Oregon Scientific QW201 is available direct from Oregon Scientific for $99.




  1. I have a Nexus 4 and I also have two DT-900 chargers. The Nexus 4 seems to be incompatible with the DT-900 chargers and has the power-cycling issue now reported by most (but not all) people that have tested it.


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