Lightors invents wireless charging rechargeable batteries

Lightors Genie Lamp

Rechargeable batteries have been available for years and are great replacements for disposable batteries. They’re also much better for the environment and can be cost-effective in the long run. Most rechargeable batteries have bulky wall chargers to top it up. Lightors have made a new type of rechargeable batteries that can charge in an interesting way.

Lightors Genie Lamp

Lightors founder, Michael Cho, announced a new way of charging rechargeable batteries, namely AAA/AA batteries. They’re bringing a new product to the market called the Genie Lamp. The Genie Lamp can wirelessly charge AAA and AA batteries with about a two-inch range from the wireless charging base. The beauty of this product is that it practically brings wireless charging to any gadget that uses AAA or AA batteries.

With the Genie Lamp, you can place the device on top of the wireless charger that has the compatible batteries. You can also opt to get the batteries out and charge them. Although the drawback with this is the lower capacity available to add a receiver. If you can have the batteries seamlessly charge, then it might just be a good trade-off.



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