LiveSafe and ZENS Partners to Give Better Aid to Senior Citizens

Livesafe and ZENS

LiveSafe is a company that develops high-tech alarm systems for people and certain devices. They also provide softwares for protecting your sensitive data whether it be on your smartphone or computers. ZENS is a completely different company providing a whole range of products that all consists of Qi-enabled wireless charging, such as these products featured here. Put them together and you get a very intuitive mobile alarm device.

LiveSafe has made a Qi-enabled GPS tracker to support the multiple ZENS wireless chargers. The LiveSafe GPS tracker has an alarm button in the middle in case of any emergency. Pressing the alarm button quickly contacts their alarm center which has records of the user’s personal details and medical needs. They will also know where the user’s whereabouts are to be able to quickly attend to the emergency at hand.

Having partnered with ZENS, the user-friendliness of the GPS tracker gets even better. With only need for the GPS tracker is to be placed on the ZENS wireless charger, it makes it very easy for the user to always have the LiveSafe GPS tracker ready for use in case of any emergency.

LiveSafe’s GPS tracker along with ZENS wireless charger can be bought at their website for €229.95 or approximately $320.00 including VAT. This is a great way to quickly give aid whenever and wherever it is needed.


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