Lotus.Qi makes the lazy pod functional


The lazy pod has revolutionised how we use our smartphones, in a somewhat lazy way. You can use it as an adjustable smartphone holder letting you watch movies, videos, or read books with ease. Now you can do the same, and also charge your device at the same time with the Lotus.Qi.


The Lotus.Qi is a lazy pod with magnetic Qi wireless charging. This gives the convenience of simply placing your device on the surface, and it will stay in place while automatically wireless charging. With it also being a lazy pod, you can position it any way you want for your comfort.

Besides being a more functional lazy pod, the Lotus.Qi offers 3 more configurations. The next one is a short lazy pod with an air suction cup as its base instead of a large clip. The third design is the desk-type which is a simple wireless charger to be placed in your office or side table. The last configuration is a simple car smartphone holder which can be clipped to the air vent.

The Lotus.Qi is currently up on Kickstarter with $30 as the early bird option giving you the Lotus.Qi wireless charger, a configuration of your choice, and a Qi wireless charging receiver compatible with your device. They are currently at $8,000 with a pledge goal of $10,000 and a little over a month to achieve that goal.


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