Mercedes Joins BMW in Making Wireless Charging Cars

Mercedes S-class plug-in hybrid

According to Jochen Strenkert, the one working on Mercedes’ hybrid powertrains, has announced that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class plug-in hybrid will be featuring a wireless charging version, such as the one for BMW i8.

Mercedes S-class plug-in hybrid

Speaking of BMW, both of these companies are working together to make the wireless charging system. This would probably also include Qualcomm which showed off the Halo wireless charging system using the BMW i8.

Strenkert mentioned that Mercedes already has a working prototype of their wireless charging car. They are also expecting battery capacities to continually increase throughout the years, guaranteeing their S-Class plug-in hybrid to cover a longer distance.

Some consumers worry about the charging speed that wireless charging will give, knowing that wireless charging is usually slower than the normal plug-in. We can say that recently, wireless charging has caught up with the wired charging, giving them just about the same charging time, give or take a few minutes.


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