MonoCharge brings Qi and Apple Watch charging together


MonoCharge has two technologies in 3 different modular designs. It looks so simple, yet so effective. Let us take a look at what Monowear Design has in store for us.


The MonoCharge has two separate devices that are made to work together. Let’s start with their Qi wireless charger. Both devices are triangular prisms with the same dimensions. Although, the Qi wireless charger has an “X” to mark the charging spot and a stopper to keep your phone in place. Inside, a 6,700mAh battery is on hand to charge your devices. On the side houses its ports and LED battery level indicators. There are magnets and pogo pins on the opposite side of the Qi wireless charger to attach it to the Apple Watch charging station.

The Apple Watch charging station of MonoCharge has a similar design. Unlike the Qi wireless charger, this one uses the smaller side for charging with a white circle to indicate the charging spot. This uses the larger surface as its base. Similar to the other device, it also has magnets and pogo pins to connect the two together. This lets the Apple Watch charger share the built-in battery in the Qi charger.


Because of its design, you can stick them together in 3 different ways. First is the kickstand with the Qi charger facing you and the Apple Watch charger hidden at the back. The next design is the night stand with Qi charging pad facing up and the Apple Watch charger facing forward. Lastly is the on-the-go design which consumes the least amount of space making it easy to carry.

There are 5 different colours available with a number of colour combinations to choose from. If ever you have an iPhone 6 variant, which doesn’t support Qi wireless charging natively, a Qi wireless charging case is also available for purchase.

Interested in having one for yourself? Head over to Kickstarter and give them a $79 pledge! This already covers both devices at $70 off the initial retail price.


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