Mophie announces new Powerstation with lower prices

Mophie powerstation

Mophie has always made great looking products made with quality materials and great internals. You can definitely be assured of a quality product under their brand. With so many other options to choose from, it’s usually much easier to just choose the cheaper one. Because of this, Mophie hasn’t been earning as much as they would like.

Mophie powerstation

Deviating from their past pricing techniques, Mophie starts their new Powerstation line at $30. The Powerstation mini is their 3,000mAh universal powerbank with one USB port for charging your devices. Although high-capacity powerbanks are also available under their Powerstation Plus and Charge Force Powerstation lines offering over 10,000mAh of battery. But these high-capacity batteries will reach $100. The Charge Force Powerstation can also charge Qi-enabled devices such as the Galaxy line and iPhones with the compatible wireless receiver.

The Powerstation USB-C is also available which offers USB type C and A ports and charging cables. This will also be encased in aluminium with 10,000mAh of power. Learn more about Mophie’s new products on their website.


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