The MotherBox offers True Wireless Charging


Current commercially available wireless charging peripherals aren’t yet fully wireless. With Qi wireless charging, the device being charged needs to be on top of the wireless charging pad. The MotherBox offers to charge your device literally wirelessly.


The Motherbox is currently up on Indiegogo with a $25,000 funding goal, which has already been surpassed. What the futuristic looking device does is make a charging range that could reach up to 20″. A receiver similar to other wireless charging standards is needed for the device to work. You may also use magnetic resonant receivers such as the AirFuel receivers, but it will work as well as the one from the company itself.

There are two types of MotherBox wireless charging products. The MotherBox is the main product which needs to be plugged into an outlet. You can simultaneously charge 4 devices at the same with up to a distance of 20″. The device measures at 6″ on all 3 sides making it a bit bulky. But since you just need to leave it at a spot where phones will usually be in, the size will be alright. You can place it on a side table or office desk.

The MotherBox Mini is a portable version with 7,000mAh of power running it. Its charging distance is at around 8″ which can cover a maximum of 2 devices. Compared to the main product, the Mini version is around 2.5″ smaller at around 2 to 3 pounds.

There’s currently an early bird offer of $79 which offers the MotherBox, a receiver, and a USB cable which will save you $10. Head over to their Indiegogo page to check out the other perks available.


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