Mr. Everything: The Ultimate Charging Station

Mr. Everything

Mr. Everything

The Mr. Everything Team has made quite a powerhouse of a device. Currently on Kickstarter, running for a $100,000 pledge goal, it’s quite an amazing device. Mr. Everything is made as a device charging station, with addition features… A lot of additional features. It can give life to anything that runs on batteries, and still offers to do more. Let’s get to what Mr. Everything can actually do.

Mr. Everything has 5 main features, namely it’s a power bank, LED light, utility box, Bluetooth speaker, and a Qi wireless charger. Out of all those, the team invested mostly on the power bank portion letting Mr. Everything power pretty much everything!

Mr. Everything

Firstly, it can charge any Qi wireless charging enabled device right up top, making charging an ease for anyone. If you have another device that needs charging, you can power it up the usual way through a USB port that can output 5V at 2.1mA. If you’re with friends that also need their devices charged, there’s a total of 4 USB ports that can cover their needs. How about that laptop you brought but forgot to charge at home? Well you can charge it too through its built-in AC power outlet that is available on the Plus version.

Mr. Everything

Does it sound amazing already? Well we’re only half way through what Mr. Everything can do. It can charge whatever device you have, and if your car needs some power for a jumpstart, Mr. Everything can help jumpstart it by having it plugged in the charging socket. The battery running inside is a Lithium-ion Polymer battery which has 26,800mAh. That can charge an iPhone 6 up to 15 times.

Mr. Everything still wants to do, well everything! The front of Mr. Everything is covered with 24W speakers that you can connect to through Bluetooth or simply tap it near the NFC spot and you’ll be ready to play your music.

Mr. Everything

For going out at night, an LED light is also available for use which can also be a bedside lamp because of its dimming feature. It’s very bright and it can also change to whatever color you desire.

All of these features can be controlled and monitored through the Mr. Everything App available for both Android and iOS.

If Mr. Everything has caught your attention, head on over to their Kickstarter page and send them a pledge. Mr. Everything can be yours at a $199 pledge while the Mr. Everything+ with an AC power outlet will be coming in at $299. Hurry because Mr. Everything will only be up for the next 2 days!



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