Nexus 10 2 Qi wireless charging desired [Video]


With the new Nexus 7 and 5 coming with a host of new features, with Qi charging being one of the better ones, there is now demand that the 2013 Nexus 10 comes with this desired charging feature. The current version does not support this, but there are a few tricks available to make it work, although it is nothing like official support.

There’s an interesting video that shows a Qi-compliant coil placed into the rear of the 2012 Nexus 7, and so there is no reason why the same could not be done for the current Nexus 10. We can see that the coil is very thin and so you should have no problems replacing the rear cover back on.

However, we have to warn that there is an issue with the battery not being able to hold its charge as long when choosing to charge the battery in this way. So if you want to use your Nexus 10 for long periods of time, then you are advised to not use this mod.


With all the above in mind, it kind of makes you feel that the 2014 Nexus 10 2 will come with Qi wireless charging because it is clearly a feature people want. It is not like Google will offer this support for its Nexus 5 and 7 and leave its larger device.

Google has a new wireless charging pad, but as yet have not included it on its store. However, we do not believe it will be too long before they do.

Original article by Peter Chubb


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