Nexus 6 has wireless charging built-in

Nexus 6 wireless charging

Nexus 6 wireless chargingWireless charging for the Nexus 6 was sadly omitted from Google’s official specifications. Despite that, wireless charging will still be part of the Nexus 6, just like the previous Nexus 5 and 4. It was not specified whether it will be using the Qi standard or not, it is a safe guess that it is since it has already been used before by the previous Nexus phones. We are hoping that it is the upgraded Qi 1.2 standard that will be used in the new Nexus 6.

The Nexus 9 won’t be enjoying that same benefit as it can only charge using a cord. This might be due to its larger form factor. It is unsure though if there will also be a new wireless charger to come with it or not. Nonetheless, it is great news for us to know that wireless charging will be available for the Nexus 6


      • That would be best case scenario. Worst case is they remove it like they did with the Lumia 1520. So far, their websites say nothing about wireless charging on any listing for the phone. If they were to leave the QI and/or PMA in the phone, you would think they would mention it somewhere. If my phone shows up without it and they try to charge me a re-stocking fee when I return it, I’ma’ be a little pissed.


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