Nokia DT-903 Wireless Charging Pad

Nokia DT-903

Nokia DT-903

Wireless charging lately is usually an add-on for certain products to give it a functionality boost. There are Bluetooth speakers, power banks and the like which are upgraded to support wireless charging for our devices. With the Nokia DT-903 though, it’s the wireless charging pad that finally gets an add-on for more functionality.

The Nokia DT-903 is a colorful wireless charging pad which can notify you of certain events on your smartphone through glowing LEDs under it. This is one of the very few smart wireless charging pads currently available in the market.

Nokia DT-903

The DT-903 has Bluetooth 4.0 LE inside to get it paired with Lumia handsets. There is also NFC available at the bottom part of the wireless charging pad for easy pairing. Through Bluetooth, the DT-903 can notify you of messages received, a missed call, having low battery and other notifications. It will be shown through different series of lighting such as a “breathing” effect to show that your device has low battery. The LEDs will also give a glow once your device wirelessly charging on it and will stop charging when it reaches 100%.

One big factor to purchasing this though is that the notifications are only available for Lumia devices. It can still charge any Qi-enabled devices but it will not have the notifications available for those devices.

If you own a Lumia device and are looking for a wireless charger for it, you can purchase the Nokia DT-903 for £59.99 with green, orange and white versions to choose from.

For more information, visit Microsoft’s site here.


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