Novelsys shows Innovative Design with Ampere

Novelsys Ampere

Novelsys is a startup coming out from Singapore with young minds spearheading wireless charging innovation with their very first product, Ampere. With new minds seeing the world with a new perspective, we can be sure that whatever comes out from them will be out of the ordinary.  Ampere still under its development stages but once it’s available, we are hoping we’ll be able to give you a full technical review with all the details you want.

Novelsys Ampere

Ampere is a sleeve for your phone in which you can simply drop it in and it will start charging your Qi enabled device. There is no need to find the sweet spot for it to charge, alignment is not needed as long as it’s placed in the sleeve, your phone will start charging. If you have to check your phone often, putting it on top rather than inside the sleeve will still let it charge wirelessly without much of a fuss. The battery capacity is given at 2700mAh, enough to get you through the day from a dead battery.

The main feature of Ampere is to keep your phone going strong while still being protected. Ampere found a way to easily protect your device while it charges it. You may place it inside your bag and keep your phone inside while you travel. I was also interested whether it will fit inside your pocket so that every time my phone is placed inside my pocket, it charges. They told me that it is possible, it will just be a bit of a tight fit inside your jeans.

Novelsys Ampere 1

Novelsys’ Ampere is made of aluminum interiors to keep it cool as it charges with premium durable fabrics, which is not finalized yet, to make it into a sleeve and protect your phone. All these put together only weigh 180g, light enough to bring around without a hassle.

It is said that Ampere will be available in different colors to match each persons style. There will also be two different sizes, the petite and plus size. The dimensions given on their website is 2.8″ X 5.1″ X 0.3″ which I assume is for the petite size, the plus size doesn’t have specifics as of the moment. The technology on the inside was said to still be the same though.

Novelsys Ampere 2

You may charge Ampere through its USB-port at the top of the device. If ever you want to charge an additional device or to charge your smartphone faster, you may also use its microUSB port available just to the left of the USB-port that outputs up to 1.5Amps. There is also a light indicator and a power button along side the ports.


Prices are not yet available though, but their Kickstarter campaign is announced to start on January of 2015. Preparations are currently being made to start their campaign.

If you are interested and want more of Ampere, join their Amps community. You can win giveaways, early bird offers, and to be one of their beta testers. If chosen, you can also be part of the Novelsys Kickstarter launch party. Simply join them by clicking here and check out the bottom of the page.



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