offGRID 4000mAh Portable Battery with Qi Wireless Charging by Incipio

offGRID Incipio 1

With portable batteries available in every tech store by different manufacturers, it is needed to have a product that stands out from the huge crowd. The offGRID portable battery by Incipio tries to make something new through it’s design and functions.

offGRID Incipio 1

Incipio has three different sizes for its offGRID line which are 4,000mAh, 6,000mAh, and 8,000mAh with only the 4,000mAh model having a Qi-enabled variant.

offGRID Incipio 3

Let’s have our focus on the Qi-enabled portable battery. Looks alone, the 4,000mAh offGRID and its Qi-enabled counterpart are exactly the same, only having the Qi logo on the back to tell them apart. It has a matte black casing with glossy black ends where the ports are. There are only two ports on the device, one USB port to charge devices, and a micro USB port to charge the offGRID portable battery. It also has four blue LED lights on top to indicate its battery level.

offGRID Incipio 5

The startling thing about the Qi-enabled variant is that instead of charging devices wirelessly, the portable battery itself charges wirelessly. It has a Qi-compatible receiver supposed to be bundled along with Incipio’s own Qi wireless charger, but any Qi wireless charger should be able to work. It does not say though that it can charge devices through Qi though, so we can assume that you can charge the portable battery either through the micro USB or through Qi wireless charging.

offGRID Incipio 4

Not being able to charge other devices wireless and instead it can charge itself wirelessly makes the device quite different from the others. Its usefulness is questionable, but definitely it’s different. The Incipio offGRID 4,000mAh portable battery is available for $50 with the Qi-enabled variant being $70. You may visit their website to check out their other products here.



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