Orée Pebble 2, Beautiful Wood and Marble Wireless Charger

Orée Pebble 2 1

There are already tons of different kinds of wireless chargers all around, the Orée Pebble 2 sticks out of the crowd with its functionality and impressive craftsmanship. Orée has taken a different route from other manufacturers with the materials they use, instead of using plastics that are not eco-friendly, they use natural materials to make their products. By doing this, they are able to make absolutely beautiful products such as the Pebble 2, although using natural materials has a downside as well. Because of using better and more durable materials, the Pebble 2 becomes more expensive than most. If the higher price is worth what the Orée Pebble 2 is, we’ll have to see what it actually does.

Orée Pebble 2 1

The Orée Pebble 2 is a wireless charging pad compatible with any Qi-enabled devices. There’s no power bank in it for portable usage, but I believe that was omitted because the Orée Pebble 2 is made to stay on a surface such as a table where it can complement its surroundings. The materials to be used for the Orée Pebble 2 varies from brown walnut wood, walnut-like tilia wood, and white marble.

Orée Pebble 2 2

Other than being beautiful and also being a wireless charger, it also has a Bluetooth 360° speaker with an omnidirectional full duplex microphone. The Pebble 2 will also have a bass reflex chamber for the 5W Bluetooth loudspeaker to give balanced audio while still being loud enough to hear at a fair distance. You can use the Pebble 2 to listen to your music and also answer your calls with its built-in microphone.

Orée Pebble 3

The Orée Pebble 2 is currently on Kickstarter with about a month to go with 44 backers as of now. We have mentioned that the Pebble 2 is more expensive than most, and starting at a $225 pledge, you can get yourself a wooden Pebble 2. For the white marble Pebble 2, another $50 has to be added to the pledge. Orée currently needs about $20,000 more to get the Pebble 2 up and running. If you want to support Orée’s Pebble 2, you may visit their Kickstarter page and send a pledge.

Overall, the Orée Pebble 2 has a beautiful, ergonomic design with hidden functionality inside. You can’t definitely know what it does just by looking at it, and that’s what it does perfectly by simply blending in unnoticeably. If you want to check out Orée’s other products, you can hop to their website right here. Do you think the higher price is worth it in exchange for the premium and elegant Pebble 2?


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