Ossia can charge your device using Wi-Fi frequencies


Wireless charging can sometimes be frustrating. Frequently changing your phone’s position and trying to find just the right angle for a decent charge isn’t what we thought wireless charging would be like. Because of this problem, companies like Ossia are offering solutions that are truly wireless. But how exactly will they make our wireless charging dreams come true?

Ossia Wireless Charging

Ossia uses the same principle with wireless charging in which there’s a transmitter, receiver, and software to make it work.

The transmitter can practically be anything. Ossia showed off a transmitter disguised as a ceiling tile back during last year’s CES. What the transmitter does is wait for a compatible receiver connected to a low powered device to reach its range. It’ll then send a radio frequency, equal to what a Wi-Fi router would emit, to the device.

As long as the device is within range, it will continue to charge. You can move around the room and continue using your device normally which it’s charging.

Ossia’s Vision of the Future

Although a working prototype has been made, it may still take a couple of years to have it commercially available. How the company sees their technology in the coming years won’t just be for smartphones but for everything.

Hatem Zeine, the founder of Ossia, sees the future of wireless charging as the death of wires and batteries. Everything in the range of the wireless charging transmitter will be continuously powered on and we can make even more smart devices.

“…A few years down the line, there is a mass adoption of wireless charging. What would that look like? It’s not just your devices that would be getting charged — everything would be a device. Your coffee mug would keep itself warm all day, and your fork would keep track of how much you’re eating. We wouldn’t even need fridges. Instead, we could use temperature-controlled Tupperware to keep things cold,” says Hatem Zeine.

With a future like this in our grasp, what can you suggest for the evolution Qi wireless in the coming years?


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