OvRcharge offers levitating wireless charger


We are now in the future. A company called AR Designs has brought a unique device on Kickstarter. If you want to up your cool(or geek) factor, then you definitely need to get yourself OvRcharge, the levitating wireless charger.


OvRcharge creates a magnetic field that keeps its receiver floating in one position. They also use the same field to keep the wireless charging induction field in place. This technically kills two birds with one stone, levitate and charge the smartphone at the same time.

This levitating wireless charger will keep your device in constant motion. Technically, you can keep it in place, but any slight push to the device will keep it turning. Another good thing about this levitating wireless charger is its ability to stop charging when your device is full. This keeps the temperature down and is generally healthier for your battery.

For the device to work, you’ll need a special case. Currently, AR Designs has made charging covers for some mainstream phone such as the Apple and Samsung lines. For the ones that they don’t provide a charging case for yet, a universal wireless charging receiver can be plugged and stuck to the back of your smartphone. The receiver is quite bulky and it does have to be removed if you want to put your phone back in your pocket.

The OvRcharge can also charge larger devices such as an iPad, although you have to get the larger, OvRcharge Ultra.

You only have a week left to give a pledge on Kickstarter. The smallest price available now is $239 which gives you the complete kit of OvRcharge and a charging case of your choice.


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