Pantech Releases First Smartphone in over 20 months

Pantech IM-100

Pantech has had rough times in the past few years. The South Korean company battled through bankruptcy to be bought by Optis and Solid giving them a heavy breath of relief.

Although Pantech was saved from bankruptcy, they still had major reconstruction, having to lay off over half of their employees. They only kept the ones that will work on their new product. After months of grinding through the dirt to make their big debut after 20 months, they’ve finally brought out their new smartphone.

Pantech IM-100

Named as the Pantech Sky IM-100, they hope this device will bring them back into the market. The IM-100 monicker has a hidden message saying “I am back,” with 100 read as “back” in Korean. Let’s see what pantech offers to fight against the smartphone giants.

The Sky IM-100 is aimed at the mid-range segment. The smartphone featuring a Snapdragon 430 with Qualcomm’s WCD9326 audio codec chip which produces better sound through Bluetooth earphones and speakers. It runs a 2GB Ram with 3000mAh battery capacity to power it all.

Up front will be a 5.15-inch screen with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. You will also be given 32GB of storage to place your apps and files in. All this will be encased in an all-metal case available in both black and white. An interesting feature the IM-100 has is the dial to exchange the conventional volume buttons. You may use the dial for adjusting through its 100 volume precision levels and to scroll through your gallery.

Along with the IM-100, the package also includes an interesting futuristic-like cube. The cube is known as the Stone Bluetooth speaker which has lights and a dial similar to the one on the smartphone itself. The stone also functions as a Qi wireless charger to extend its usefulness.

The Pantech Sky IM-100 is available for 440,000 won or approximately $380, but it’s exclusively sold only in South Korea. Hopefully, their new smartphone will help start a new and competitive Pantech company.



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