PowerBot QI PB1000 may be the best Nokia Lumia 920 bedside charger ever




PB1000-qi wireless

The perfect Nokia Lumia 920 (or other smartphone with Qi charging enable) bedside stand may just have popped up.

The PowerBot® QI PB1000 is a stylish bedside clock available in both dark and light wood, with that striking invisible LED display.

The clock is also a Qi wireless charger, is NFC enabled, and also works as a Bluetooth speaker with Microphone.

The accessory was initially introduced at $150, but can now be had for as little as $80.

See more pictures of the device after the break.

SB1000 qi wireless-2-620x465

SB1000 qi wireless-3-620x465

See the device at our store  here.

Original article by Surur


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