Powermat says wireless charging will come in the next iPhone


Powermat has recently mentioned their excitement for the next iPhone from Apple. But they are mainly excited for the wireless charging standard coming with the next iPhone.




Powermat Statement

The CEO of Powermat, Elad Dubzinski, made a statement during a news release saying:

“With the recent announcement by Apple that wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone, we are finally at the threshold of mainstream adoption,”

This statement suggests that they have assured that Apple will be including wireless charging to the next iPhone. Although, they have also mentioned that they will be supporting whatever wireless charging standard Apple will be following. That was said when it was announced that Apple became a member of the Wireless Power Consortium.

With this news, it is still unsure whether wireless charging will be part of the new iPhone. And if it is, we still can’t be sure what standard Apple will be following. Whether it will be Qi wireless charging or not, the inclusion of wireless charging will push wireless charging as a new standard in smartphones.


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