Qi Wireless DIY Charging Kit


elements-14 qi wireless diy kit


Last week we told you about the Wireless Power Challenge that element14 started in collaboration with Texas Instruments and Würth Elektronik. Today, we-d like to share with you two videos showing the Qi wireless DIY kit used for the competition.

Now this might be a little too technical for some of our readers, but for those of you interested in trying wireless charging and developing your own solutions, this is the perfect tool. It’s a 5W complete solution, with a receiver and a transmitter board. It follows WPC 1.1 Qi standard, which means it has support for FOD (foreign object detection), to detect metal objects in between the transmitter and the receiver.

Here’s a video showing an unboxing of the kit:


And here an explanation by Würth Elektronik of what the kit is and what it offers:





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