Qi wireless phone competition: You choose it!


Qi phone giveaway

Due to the great success of our last Nexus 6 giveaway competition, the Qi Wireless team have been thinking… Now that it’s Christmas, how can we make our readers merrier? The answer was easy, more great giveaways! Of course, it’s not only about giving, we confess that we’ve got a selfish reason: we want to promote the greatness of wireless charging. So we’ve decided to start two new consecutive competitions, each of them will last ten days like the first one.

We were having trouble deciding which phone to choose for the competition, and after some time we thought, “hey, why don’t we let our readers choose the one they want?”. So here’s the deal: Enter the competition. You get to choose the phone you’ll get if you’re the winner. There are two rules though:

1.- The phone has to be Qi compatible. That is, either the phone has Qi capability from factory or it can be  converted using a Qi wireless receiver. If you select the latter, you will also get a receiver chosen by us. If you select a phone that is not Qi compatible, you won’t be able to win, you’ll get disqualified.

2.- You cannot choose an iPhone. The reason is, the third and last competition’s giveaway (to be held in 10 days), will be an iPhone 6. We hope you’re excited about that!

There are 8 ways to enter the competition. Some of them give you more than one entry, and you can tweet every day to get more options to win. The more ways you enter, the more chances to win. One lucky winner will be picked at random and informed via email; please note that any invalid emails or false information will be disqualified.

If for any reason you can’t see the contest widget, refresh your page. If it still doesn’t show, make sure you’ve got JavaScript enabled in your browser, or just click here.

The contest ends next Wednesday December 17th, at 11:59 Pacific Time. In case you were wondering, this contest is open internationally.

Oh! and just to let you know, our last competition had 512 entries, so that means that you’ll have a good chance of winning.


Good luck!



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