RES brings HD music and wireless charging to the iPhone 7

RES iPhone 7

One gripe almost everyone has with the newest iPhone is the lack of a dedicated 3.5mm audio plug. If you want to plug your favourite wired earphones in, you’ll need to buy an adapter. Although, when you’re using the adapter, you won’t be able to charge your iPhone at the same time. This inconvenience frustrated many users. Luckily, Gadget Creative Lab has made RES which will solve all of these problems.

RES is a small adapter for your iPhone 7 which lets you plug your headphones and charge simultaneously. Although, another unique feature they added is Qi wireless charging.

The name of the device was derived from Hi-res audio. This is because it turns the audio into 24-bit 192kHz stereo when you plug it in. This gives you beautiful sound plus the added charging options.

This is also available for Android phones touting a Micro-USB or Type C port. If you want one for yourself, pledges start at HK$150 or approximately US$20 on Kickstarter. Doubling that price will grant you the version with Qi wireless charging.


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