ReVault: The First Wearable Cloud Storage


This company from Sweden decided that cloud storage is not good and secure enough at this present day, and so they made something a whole lot better. ReVault is a wearable cloud storage that can also be accessed locally. Basically, it is online cloud storage, a flash drive, and a smartwatch merged into one, with a few more features to offer.


You may store your files locally on ReVault with the choices of either the 32GB or 128GB versions. Whatever is saved locally can also be automatically backed up and synced online. ReVault is aimed to be secure, to do so, all data stored on ReVault is encrypted and there is also a choice for you to have 2-factor authentication to be sure only you can access your data. You can access your data locally through Bluetooth or by using its own WiFi network.


What’s also interesting about this is you can use it not only as a watch, but also as a necklace or pocket wear. In my opinion, it still looks best as a watch though, but having the option to change it is great to have. The ReVault is made of stainless steel with Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the surface. Of course, its 3 day battery can be charged seamlessly through Qi wireless charging.

They are currently out on Indiegogo with the 32GB version at $199 and 128GB at $299 and will ship out January of 2016. Get more information about the ReVault and contribute now at Indiegogo.


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