Review: Aircharge Keyring

Aircharge Keyring

Aircharge, a company well known for wireless charging products, has brought a new product to Kickstarter. The Keyring lets you charge any micro-USB and lightning port devices. Let’s see its features and how well it works.

Aircharge Keyring

Aircharge Keyring

Aircharge sent us their silver Keyring along with their executive charger for us to test out. They’re both nicely made of aluminium which gives a stylish and sleek look. Although it may look nice, it is also a fingerprint magnet. But an easy wipe quickly removes your fingerprints that are left on the device.

The executive charger is a bit heavy, but it is very sturdy. It doesn’t slide around because of the soft rubber on the bottom. There’s also a rubber ring on top of the wireless charger and a similar design is also at the bottom of the Keyring.

Aircharge Keyring

The Aircharge Keyring is made of silver aluminium on top and a black nylon plastic for the bottom half. A micro-USB is hidden around the Keyring with about a 1-inch cord. There’s also a very cleverly hidden micro-USB to Lightning port adapter in the device.

The soft rubber ring under the device is perfect for keeping the device from sliding around the wireless charger. It was also very easy to find a spot for the device to start charging. There’s a tiny green light on top which turns on to indicate if it’s working or not.

Aircharge Keyring

Overall, the Aircharge Keyring just works whenever you need it. With a whole bunch of wireless chargers and receivers that are a hit-or-miss product, it’s good to see one that always works. We would prefer a little bit of a longer cord, but other than that, it’s all good. Both micro-USB devices and Apple devices worked well and charging times were reasonable. There was a bit of heat, but not to the point of being uncomfortable.

Check out their Kickstarter page and Official website for more info.



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