Review: Fusion Dual Mode Wireless Charger for iPhone 6



Fusion, a company based in Taiwan, has sent us another product of theirs. Instead of a wireless charger though, they’ve sent us a dual-mode (WPC/PMA) wireless charging case for the iPhone 6. What better wireless charger to test this out on than Fusion’s own wireless charger? Let’s get straight to the details of Fusion’s new dual-mode wireless charging case for the iPhone 6.



Fusion’s wireless charging case is made of 2 parts, the iPhone 6 case itself and the removable dual-mode wireless charging receiver. The iPhone 6 case is made of plastic much like a hard cover case but a bit more flexible. There is space for MetroAccess inside the case just in case you use that. The WIR-047 wireless charging case has all the holes and spaces needed for the camera, buttons, and speakers.


The second part of Fusion’s wireless is the dual-mode wireless charging receiver. It is covered in the same material as the iPhone 6 case to match and has a print on the back to indicate the sweet spot for wireless charging. It is approximately 3mm thick which houses the two wireless charging standards that makes it stand out from all the others.

Both the case and the receiver have the Fusion logo at the bottom to flaunt their logo upfront and at the back.


During the time we had with Fusion’s wireless charging case for the iPhone 6, we were only able to test out the WPC wireless charging standard, and so we will only base its performance with that standard.


We used Fusion’s own wireless charger to test out the receiver and it worked perfectly. The coil was placed exactly at the center of the iPhone 6 making it easy to just plop it on a wireless charger. The maximum output of the receiver is rated at 5.0V at 1.4A. It is claimed that Fusion’s dual-mode wireless charger can achieve up to 79% power efficiency.


If ever you needed to plug something into your phone, you can simply slide off the wireless charging receiver and plug your cord into the lightning port without removing the entire case. It is very easy to remove yet stays firmly in place when it needs to.



Fusion’s WIR Dual-mode wireless charger works great without any problems. It did what it is said to do and it did it well. It is very light and also very nice to hold. Giving you the option to use the lightning port by just sliding the receiver out makes it very handy to use. If you are looking for a clean looking wireless charging receiver without any fuss, you can order it here for $69.00 with free shipping.



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