Samsung Fast Wireless Charger at 50% off!

Samsung fast wireless charger

The Samsung fast wireless charger is a Qi wireless charger built for the Galaxy S6 and up devices. The charger is 1.4x faster than the standard wireless charger which tops up your device much faster than usual. The current price for the device on Samsung’s store is $59.99. But DailySteals is currently giving the same product out for only $29.99!

Samsung fast wireless charger

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

The fast wireless charger works similarly to normal chargers. The device plugs into a socket via a micro-USB to USB cable. Although, you have to make sure that you’re using the Samsung Fast Charge wall charger only. Using a different kind of charger might damage the fast wireless charger.

You may use this for any Qi-enabled device, but it’s recommended to use for the Galaxy devices to get the most out of the charger. Head on over to DailySteals to get your Samsung Fast Wireless Charger at half the price!


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