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Today NewsTomato reported that the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV will have wireless charging capability. On the other hand, it is also said that Samsung may not pack the unique Resonant Wireless charger with the device. Instead, the wireless charging module will be made compatible to third party Qi chargers.

The source reports that Samsung has been trying to develop a different wireless charger which uses Magnetic resonance instead of the conventional induction. The Qi induction chargers need the charger and the device to be in proximity of at least 1 cm. The resonance chargers will be able to charge even in longer distances. But the development of such chargers is stated to be not feasible with the current technology and commercialization may be difficult.

Hence the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be a featuring wireless charging module which will be compatible with any standard Qi charger. Several other manufacturers including LG, Nokia, HTC etc. are also offering Qi wireless chargers.

In addition to these revelations, recently from FCC docs we came to know that Samsung Galaxy S IV may be featuring wireless charging.

You can note that the device is expected to be unveiled at a Special Mobile Unpacked event which may happen on March 15. The device is expected to pack a 4.99-inch 1080p display, 1.9GHz Quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, 13MP Rear-facing camera.

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  1. Why aren’t there any reports on the Truth, How this Galaxy S 4 with it’s Hyped report that it will be Qi Charging but the charging receiver that would be built in the Back Battery Cover, would be sold separately from the phone.
    This is EXACTLY what the current specs are the current Galaxy S3.
    To be called Qi compatible or to even state that it is a Qi wireless charging system, that plainly means that the receiver is built to receive power from a Qi product, in turn would mean it is part of the phone.
    If it isn’t included with the phone then there is nothing that makes it a Qi product.
    It simply makes it a Wireless Charging Capable device.
    The pins in the back near the Battery Do Not have anything to do with the Standards of any wireless charging. That Hardware in built in and is in Every phone that can do ANY type of Wireless charging, which allows Mods or Hacks on the phone to be done by just installing a receiver on the battery that will contact the contacts Built In …
    Why isn’t it being Brought up how Current S3 Owners are still waiting for a Receiver Cover to complete the Phone they paid for that included ability to charge Wireless (Exact way the S4 is being built, Nothing Different at all) while this New phone is getting attention for the same feature that the S3 has and never received the part to make it happen.
    So the S4 will be wireless charge but receiver comes separately sold…THAT’S WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE S3…Samsung hasn’t done anything. They are pretending the S3 owners have forgotten they have wireless charging but no cover???
    Until this is reported correctly or at least with some Honestly that people, (Millions and Millions)that bought/buying a S3 phone are being Ripped off and that the S4 being Advertised to have exactly the specs of a S3, isn’t a sign of repeat of S3 with so much Deceit by a company getting richer…

  2. This Report, Starting with the Title is Not what the True Report has it Titled. The True report does not mention the word Qi. This was a report made up. Below, Difference:

    This report’s Title:
    (Samsung Galaxy S IV will support Qi Wireless Charging)
    Today NewsTomato reported that the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV will have wireless charging capability. On the other hand, it is also said that Samsung may not pack the unique Resonant Wireless charger with the device.
    From the True Report:
    ( Galaxy S4, wireless charger to mount only the ‘module)

    [Reporters] News tomato hwangmingyu Samsung Electronics (005930), in the midst of it all, the next strategy smart phone ‘Galaxy S4’ to ‘self-guided’ module (Module) equipped with wireless charging decisions.
    Self-guided electromagnetic induction Wireless charging current flow refers to the way that occurred after the transmitter in the primary coil of the magnetic field is induced in the secondary coil of receiver current supply.
    Samsung and magnetic resonance approach is somewhat at a distance wireless charging in a transmitter and a receiver equipped with the same resonant frequency of the coil, such as electromagnetic fields (resonant) made is the way.
    Above is your story and then their story..
    What their report says, the phone will have the Internal hardware install, same as the S3 does, nothing to do with Qi standards, meaning it can charge Wireless if the Receiver Cover and Transmitter are Bought and installed later.
    Their second part plainly explains that if the secondary coil is Magnetic Induction, then the Transmitter needs to be Magnetic Induction.

    If the Receiver is Resonant Induction (which is the Technology that Samsung Teamed up with Qualcomm and Started the Wireless Power Group and Have the Highest Named Companies with them) then the Transmitter needs to be a Resonant Inductive charger…
    Primary Coil means= The Transmitter or Charger Pad

    Secondary Coil means= The coil that will be in the back Battery cover.
    So The story here is not what their story said. Learn about this Technology before writing about it please.

  3. Here is the whole report from them. You have all the facts twisted and added to your report. Please Translate how you got your Translation from their report:

    Galaxy S 4, wireless charger without module shipped boxes preloaded, magnetism market demand way to respond, with a ball is still difficult input: February 14, 2013 4:25:06 PM [ news tomato Hwang Min-gyu told reporters ] Samsung Electronics (5930) at the end of struggling for the next “Galaxy smart phones strategy S 4” in “self-induced the wireless charge module (Module) has decided to incorporate. Wireless charger release directly instead of the module to a charge the market currently in circulation of the third-party or its partners wireless charger and smooth-compatible is made to strategy. 14, according to industry, Samsung Electronics is used internally by the Galaxy S 4 a wireless charge module that contains the direction of the decided to discuss specific issue. Industry experts have been Samsung has thousands of people with a “self-ball” in charge technology to commercialize the right away in a difficult situation already on the market in his formed in judo charger in response to demand for the interpreted.

    On the other hand, Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy S 4 its own wireless charger, does not support that the prospect from earlier this month, including Samsung Electro-mechanics and parts of the detection. Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Contact a sales rep) official said that the “overseas clients, who has already been part of wireless charge related suppliers to larger Samsung Electronics, but the Galaxy S 4 supply,” but did not. Samsung Electro-mechanics wireless charger, and are supplying the place is Nokia, and to have planed. As a result, the Galaxy S 4 also of Samsung’s smart phone, as well as models wireless recharge function owing to claim that, are being raised. released last year, in particular, Galaxy S 3 wireless recharge function is applied to predict that the industry, unlike with the functionality and does not release. However, Samsung Electronics is dismissed rumors and encourage him in the market demand charger to cope with the intention, expressed their dissatisfaction. With his ball of charger until the wireless charge without proper time to sit back and watch all demand, condition.


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