Samsung Galaxy S8 Qi Wireless Charging Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless charging

There have been numerous reports from new Samsung Galaxy S8 users stating that Qi wireless charging isn’t working properly. One user demonstrates the problem they’re currently having in the video below:

Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless charging problem

The problem seems to happen with various wireless chargers, even Qi wireless chargers coming from Samsung themselves. Their new wireless charger made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S8 does seem to work without a hitch.

Some users are saying that it’s simply a problem with the position of the smartphone not aligning properly to the wireless charging pad. This could be a probable cause since the new Galaxy smartphones have different dimensions compared to the previous flagships. Despite this, wireless charging should still work somehow.

It hasn’t been reported yet if this is another manufacturing defect or a problem with the wireless chargers. Samsung also hasn’t commented regarding the problem the users have been having.


  1. I have a Samsung Wireless Stand and it doesn’t always work.

    When I set the phone on it, sometimes it will start charging without any problems at all, but quite frequently the blue light starts flashing and checking the status on the phone it says (fast wireless charging paused. Sometimes it will charge for a while and then go into pause.

    I’ve left it that way and it stayed paused all night while the battery power withered away. Sometimes I can move the phone around and it will start charging, other times I have to take the phone off the stand and put it back on and it will start working. Still other times I have to actually unplug the stand and plug it back in.

    Its getting pretty frustrating. What good is it to have the charger if I can’t set the phone on it and trust it will charge?


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