Samsung’s Battery Case Charges the Galaxy S7 using Qi Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery case

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 line has the largest battery capacity compared to all the previous Galaxy phones, but as we all know, having a bigger battery capacity is always a good thing. Despite the increase of its battery capacity compared to the S6 line, Samsung has offered a beefy and unique battery case to add up another day.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery pack

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will have a battery case available straight from Samsung. The usual tradeoff of weight and size is still there as expected. With the normal tradeoffs comes new features we haven’t seen yet in a battery case.

Samsung’s new battery case does not plug itself to the phone to charge it up, instead it uses Qi wireless charging to transmit power from the case to the phone. It’s quite a neat idea since it keeps the case clean and lessens the wear and tear for the Galaxy S7 port.

The top of the battery case is filled with all the things it needs. There is the power button to start and stop the charging of the Galaxy S7, 4 LEDs to indicate the battery level, and a micro-USB port to charge the battery pack itself. It would have looked much cleaner if the battery pack can also be charged wirelessly, removing any ports on Samsung’s battery case.

The case will add 2700mAh of juice to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and 3100mAh for the S7 Edge version. The price isn’t announced yet and its availability but expect to be able to see it where ever you can buy the new Samsung Galaxy S7.



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