Semtech Combines All Wireless Charging Standards Into One

Semtech Dual-mode

Semtech Dual-mode

One of the complications of wireless charging is that there are different and they are not interchangeable. Each standard only works with itself and is not available for the others to be used. Semtech saw this problem and made a solution by combining Qi 1.2, PMA, and Rezence standards into one device.

Semtech offers Dual-mode (Qi and PMA) and Tri-mode (Qi, PMA, and Rezence) transmitters. These are available for integration in any product needed. Their Dual-mode offering has just been updated to a medium power 15W capability. This allows devices such as smartphones and tablets to use quick wireless charging. Their medium powered quick wireless charging tech is under production and is available for integration.

Their current wireless charging platform is the only one in the market that offers wireless charging from 100mW for wearables like a smartwatch, to 100W for big tools such as industrial equipment and appliances. For more information, visit Semtech and check out their products.


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