Sony brings out their own BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker

BSP10 2

BSP10 2

With the BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker, Sony gives another go into making wireless charging accessories. Let’s check out how their approach to it is compared to the current products available in the market.

Sony’s BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker surrounds the room with music booming out of its 360 degree speaker. It can get a bit loud, but having it be too loud is always better than not being loud enough. Besides playing music, you may also use it as a speakerphone since it also comes with its own mic for the people around to also join the conversation.

It’s a bit heavy at 300g for a portable speaker, but that’s because of its built-in battery. It does not indicate though as to what the capacity of the battery is, but we can assume that it is pretty big since it gives 7 hours of music playback or 400 hours in stand-by.

You may start using the speakers by just tapping your device on to the top of Sony’s BSP 10 and it will sync through NFC. If you don’t have a NFC capable device, pairing it through searching with Bluetooth will work just as fine.

BSP10 1

Another interesting feature that the BSP10 has is wireless charging. You can charge it through a microUSB port, or choose the more convenient way and use a wireless charger. Just place it on top of a wireless charging pad and it will simply start charging.

It is available in either white or black and is available in Sony’s site for £79.99. Go on and check it out if its up to your liking and style!


  1. The whole reason why wireless bluetooth speakers were manufactured is so they are portable and easy to carry around. I think this is cool and has a great feature. I bought a bluetooth speaker for my son last week. It’s really cool because it’s not only easy to use but portable as well. The device works hands-free that lets him listen to music while driving.


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