Sony wants every device to be a wireless charger

Sony wireless charging patent

Sony has patented their idea in which almost every device doubles as a wireless charger. It seems like the company is planning for a future where wired charging does not exist anymore.

Sony wireless charging patent

The patent is named, “Configuration of Data and Power Transfer in Near Field Communications”. This patent shows an idea where data and power transmitter and receivers are built into every electronic device. In theory, this will turn all those electronic devices into a wireless charger of their own and also be capable of transferring data.

This could turn every electronic device in your house, such as a refrigerator, TV, music system, laptop, and even other smartphones, into a wireless charger.

Although the idea is great, we don’t think this will be happening anywhere in the near future. Sony might be able to find a way to spearhead this idea which would be great. But as great as how it sounds, it’s not as amazing until we see it into fruition.

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  1. A lot of companies have patents on converting portable and non-portable objects into wireless charger. Not sure what is unique about Sony’s approach.

  2. this sounds iike Sony is the Tier 1 partner of Energous – this is similar to the vision of Energous’s WATT-UP technology.


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