Stylish QI Wireless Chargers Will Be Available by Esorun


Esorun qi wireless charing pad


The “F” series of wireless chargers are going to be released on the market by Esorun soon, just after the release of “N7” wireless transmitter mat. Esorun will attend CTIA this May in Las Vaegas – booth No. is 7549 in iZone area.

Esorun is proud to announce it will be attending CTIA this May in Las Vagas. People are very excited to appraise it new product lines in Wireless charging. Wireless charging is not a new type of technology and has not been very popular in mobiles. However, as the technology has improved, is now estimated that the sales of wireless chargers in 2013 will be around 180 million dollars due to IHS.

Esorun has now put wireless charging as one of its main product lines. It aims to become one of the top brands in the wireless charging market within 2 years.

Wireless charging is one of those technologies that you are not aware of how useful it is, unless you start using it” the team leader of Esorun explained.

Esorun’s engineers have finished four series of products and all will be displayed at CTIA at Las Vegas in May. The “N7” was Esorun first wireless transmitter mat with an input 5V which was launched just before Chinese New Year with great success.

The following brand new “F” series of wireless transmitter mats will come in 5 stunning colors, and will only be reveled at Las Vagas in May.

Esorun has registered a separate trademark in China and has more countries planed via Madrid Protocol. Esorun also applied to join WPC (wireless power consortium) holder of “QI” standard.


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