Tango Labels itself as The Best Wireless Charger Yet and We Agree


PowerSquare has brought their idea of the best wireless charger up in Kickstarter, and it has been getting lots of traction. The Tango is a Qi wireless charger without the problems of Qi wireless charging, and it does a wonderful job. It is called the first position-free, multi-device wireless charger. This simply means that you can place your Qi-enabled device anywhere on the Tango, and if there’s space, you can place another Qi-enabled device to charge along. This is the dream we’ve had for how Qi wireless charging should be and it’s finally here.

PowerSquare Tango

The Tango removes the need to look for the “sweet spot” of a wireless charger. You can simply place your phone anywhere on the pad and it will charge, unlike traditional wireless chargers where the device has to be in an exact spot to work.

PowerSquare Tango Multi Device

Another feature of PowerSquare’s Tango is its multi-device charging. You may charge more than one device on the wireless charger as long as they fit on the surface and they’re both Qi-enabled. We don’t know how many devices we can charge at the same time, but we’re assuming two will be the max due to the surface area. All Qi compliant devices should work with the PowerSquare’s Kickstarter product even if new advancements would be added to Qi.

PowerSquare’s Kickstarter already surpassed their $10,000 goal and is currently at $22,000 with 5 days more to spare. Sadly, most of the pledges has already been taken, but a pledge of $65 can still get you your own Tango wireless charger. You may visit their Kickstarter page for more info about the Tango and to send them a pledge to give them a helping hand.


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