TDK Wireless Charging Speakers use Qi, A2DP [Video]


Original article by Paul Reynolds

Wireless charging and Bluetooth streaming: Two great technologies that come together in the TDK Life on Record Q35 Wireless Charging Speaker. We had a chance to go hands-on with this innovative device, and here’s what we found.

To use, you first pair your phone with the speaker via Bluetooth; you can then stream your music to the Q35. When you start to run low on phone power, you can place your phone on top of the speaker to charge it up. The speaker can use AC power or run on a battery, but you can charge your phone only when it’s running on AC.

We found it fairly easy to make the pairing connection and charge the phone, and sound quality seemed decent. At $400, it’s not cheap: But the TDK Q35 is a cool and handy device with a simple, straightforward function.


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