The Super Thin Wireless Charger


When looking for a wireless charger we are used to see they are quite big or thick or both. In this case we have absolutely the opposite, we are talking about The Super Thin Wireless Charger by Peel. It is not only super thin (not thicker than the hard cover of a book) but it is also smart.

To make it beautifully simple every non-essential component was removed leaving a pad that you can put anywhere. The top of the device is made of a soft, scratch-free leather top in two colours: black and white. The bottom of The Super thin wireless charger is made of a rubbery material to prevent from sliding or moving on any surface.

Though Peel has yet to list the exact specifications of the device, up to now we know that iPhone devices will charge at their fastest wireless charging rate of 7.5w and Android devices at up to 10w.

 Moreover, the charger pad comes with a 6 feet in length so the flat charging cable can reach your outlet from a distance. The cable’s end is USB-A although the Wall plug is not included.

To finish and comparing the price with similar products, I find it quite affordable. Directly from Peel´s website the charger will be shipped in 3-5 days at 49$.



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